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Electrolysis Services in Goldenrod, Winter Park, Oviedo and the greater Orlando 
are also provided by Electrolysis and Laser Centers Of Florida we are providing these treatments at our facility since 1978 - which makes us the oldest established practice in our area.
Electrolysis is a hair removal method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.
It is a safe & effective way to remove hair from all parts of the body.

How Does Electrolysis Work?
An electric current is applied with a very small filament 
which is inserted into each hair follicle therefore destroying the hairs ability to grow.

Is Electrolysis Effective?
Electrolysis is a very effective method for hair removal. Some people with very light hair colors choose to use electrolysis as an alternative method. Also people who are not candidates for laser hair removal (ex: getting hair removal from an area where you may have a tattoo) find that is a better permanent solution for hair removal VS shaving or creams.

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

  • 15 Minutes- $46
  • 30 Minutes-$88
  •  60 Minutes-$156

M0re Information to help you to choose the correct center for electrolysis in Orlando -Winter Park

People have sought ways to remove unwanted hair for centuries-using abrasives, honey, paste etc. Permanent removal was not possible until 1875 when Dr. Charles Michel, an Ophthalmologist, was working to relieve a patient suffering from an ingrown eyelash found permanent hair removal through electrolysis. Galvanic (direct) current is the original electrolysis modality. Some electrologists  are trained in its use and find it helpful for treating some problem cases. His original method has been improved and modified a number of times.

Today most electrologist use thermolysis-A shortwave, high frequency current. The blend current is a combination of shortwave and galvanic currents. It is useful for extremely thick hair and dry skin condition. Our electrologists are highly trained in all methods and will choose the correct treatment for each individual client.

Who is the right candidate for Electrolysis?     -        Everyone!       

How Does Electrolysis work?

Located at the lower 1/3 of the hair follicle is the hair bulb, where the development and growth of the hair is controlled. Your electrologist will skillfully direct the treatment to the base of the hair follicle by means of a disposable probe. Germative hair cells will be destroyed preventing new hairs from growing. The hair is then epilated. There is no possible way for the hair to be reproduced.

How Difficult is Electrolysis?

The electrolysis process looks very simple on paper and in theory-However in reality it takes greatly skilled practitioners with emphasis on anatomical knowledge, practical skill and manual dexterity. Knowledge of skin-including

  • texture
  • moisture gradient 
  • vulnerability (hypo or hyper) 
  • texture and nature of the hair
  • age of the client
  • treatment area
and many other factors. A thorough individual consultation for each client is give before beginning each treatment.

Different growth cycles apply to various areas of the body. The average eyebrows and lashes grow for about 6 months-scalp 3 to 5 years-and then they are shed. The average follicle may remain dormant for as long as 18 months. It is not possible to produce new hair growth during this resting period. Once the regenerative process has been accomplished the hair will go through its usual cycle and then will shed

Since it is only possible to treat visible hairs, growth will continue for several months (there are thousands of follicles per square inch). Superfluous hair grown may be stimulated by the following factors:

  • hormones
  • enzyme sensitive hair follicles
  • insulin resitance
  • polyscystic ovary syndrome
  • diabetes
  • thyroid disorder
  • medication
  • heredity
  • puberty
  • menopause
  • stress
  • medication
  • removal of hair through temporary measures (plucking, shaving, tweezing etc.)

Your Electrologist will advise you of a treatments schedule to help your achieve the fastest possible permanent hair removal results. Following his or her advice will bring permanent results the fastest.

How Does Electrolysis Feel? Does it Hurt?

It depends on an individuals tolerance to heat. Some of our clients compare it to a warm sensation, while others describe it is a little pinch. In general if a hair can be tweezed out of its follicle without too much discomfort, the electrolysis treatment should be easily tolerated.

What causes this sensation? A small amount of current is delivered to the papilla which is located a the bottom of the hair follicle. Heat sensors are nearby and a heat sensation is felt.

We have been told by some of our clients that the prescriptive topical treatment  "emla" has enabled them to sit through their treatments with little or no discomfort.

Post Treatment Instructions

Treated skin will be pink for some time (several minutes to hours). It may be sensitive to touch, perspiration, and exposure to sun. Application of make up should be avoided for 24 hours following treatment. Your electrologist will apply the appropriate after care to the treated area. It is important that you follow the post treatment instructions very closely. In most cases, an ice pack to the treated area will provide a cooling affect. tiny healing spots may appear within 48 hours following treatment. This is a normal skin reaction and will disappear in a short period of time. Applying vitamin E oil twice daily to the affected area should aid in the healing process. Do not rub, scratch or squeeze the treated area.

What About Regrowth after Electrolysis?

Hairs that seemingly reappear in the previously treated area often create questions. Once germative hair cells are destroyed there can be no further hair growth out of the treated follicle. Each square inch of skin contains hundreds to thousands of hair follicles. Electrolysis does not cure the causes of superfluous hair growth-It eliminates the effect. Follicles in the resting period will produce new hair growth. Hair that appears in a previously treated area should not be mistaken for regrowth. Hair that is twisted, curved or spiraled may require more than one treatment.

Hairs have a given time that they will remain in an anagen (active growing stage). It is during this stage that the electrologist has his or her best change to destroy the the germative cells. How long your hair remains in this stage is unknown-This is why your electrolgist will carefully examine your case and recommend to treat the hairs as soon as they emerge thus not allowing them to go into the next stage (catagen which is shedding)

If  hair is allowed to grow for several weeks it is possible to expect regrowth from a treated hair follicle in its catagen stage. Germative cells separate from the bottom of the hair bulb and follicle as it enters this stage and remain at a lower skin depth. The follicle shrinks and pushes the hair upwards (treatments stops at the bottom of the hair follicle). Is is of utmost importance to adhere to the suggested treatment schedule.

How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

The amount of time necessary to complete a particular area will depend on the severity of the problem and its causes. However, most active hair follicles produce hair growth within the first few months after starting treatment. Adherence to prescribe treatment schedule is imperative. It may be necessary to come or or more times per week at the beginning of treatment. You will see that as the timer per treatment gets shorter, the time between treatments lengthens.

Choose Electrolysis Centers of Florida for Electrolysis in Orlando -Winter Park!

Family owned and operated we have been established in Winter Park, FL since 1978 and  have been serving the greater Orlando area ever since. We have numerous Physicians intrusting their patients to us as well as generations of former clients. All of our Electrologists are highly trained and are licensed by the State of Florida under the supervision of the board of medicine and became one of the first certified Electrologist  through the International Electrolysis Board (CPE).  Certified Medical Electrologist (CME) followed.  We have been active members of the Electrolysis Society of Florida since 1978.

All of us attend numerous professional meetings each year and participate in continuous education seminars to serve you better. Using  only the best equipment available on the market- computerized epilator and micro surgical loupes (as used in micro surgery) We use disposable probes (filaments, needles) and choose the right type and size for each treatment.


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